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Weekend trip to Toledo


I had a fabulous 3 day weekend trip to Toledo, Spain. It is such a beautiful city! I was very proud of myself for managing my way through the train system without a hitch. First from Salamanca to Madrid, then took another train from one end of Madrid to the train station on the other side of Madrid to catch my other train to Toledo. Feeling pretty confident now, however I'm sure I will do something stupid in no time at all and be humbled and brought back to reality. :-)
When I arrived in Toledo, I walked to the historic center of town. It was a beautiful walk and a gorgeous sunny day. I stopped frequently to take in the views.

I arrived later in the day and had a late lunch. Actually in Spain it was a lunch right on time. (Sidebar: They eat lunch at around 2:30 or 3 p.m. I am having a difficult time adjusting to their mealtimes here. They have lunch at 3, tapas around 6 or 7 p.m. and dinner at 10 p.m. Haven't done the 10 p.m. dinner yet. This is another benefit of not staying with a host family. I can eat my dinner at 5 or 6 and be in bed by 10!).

I spent the next day walking all over Toledo visiting a museum, the cathedral and a synagogue.

Toledo has tons of narrow, winding cobblestone streets that branch out in every direction between the many plazas throughout. It's fun to just wander, get lost and try to find your way back. Every street looks the same. I began to get my bearings after the first day. When I first arrived to town however, I tried to follow a bad map I had on my Ipad. I wandered off the main plaza when you walk up the hill into town and before I knew I was standing about 20 feet away from my hotel. I was standing in a small plaza trying to find it on my map. I couldn't find it and I had the feeling I was far away from the direction of my hotel. I walked a few feet forward and looked down a street and saw the hotel sign. That was a total fluke! I completely wandered aimlessly and wound up in front of my hotel. Like I said, things don't always go this well and I'm sure I'll be humbled very soon.


What a great way to spend a 3 day weekend! I highly recommend visiting Toledo if you are ever in Spain.

Posted by Kristinh 06:24

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No nos conocemos pero soy amiga de tu amiga Dana. Soy maestra de espanol tambien, pero no trabajo ahora. Cuido a mis tres ninos (trillizos que tienen 2 anos). Por eso, no puedo viajar y me gusta mucho ver lo que haces en espana. Conozco espana y me gusto mucho. Ojala que disfrutes tu viaje.

by jdanderson

¡Bienvenidos a mi blog! Espero que disfrutan leerlo. Necesito más practica con mi español. Me gustaría entrar una programa para mi licencia de enseñanza a español. Tengo 7 semanas más de mi clases a Sañamanca Universidad. Estoy aprendiendo mucho cada día, pero necesito mas tiempo para hablar. Tengo un intercambio este tarde. :-). Hasta luego!

by Kristinh

It looks so wonderful, Kristin! Don't underestimate your travel skills. So happy to hear your updates!
Mary Boren

by mjb79

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