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Tapas, Tortillas and Tuna....Oh My!!

Dedication to Spanish Comida (food)

I have been bad mouthing Spanish food since I arrived, but the truth is I have found quite a few things that I enjoy eating here. I have my regular cafes that I frequent throughout the week and I've been trying many different tapas, tortillas and even the tuna. I heard a lot about the tuna from Venisha before I came. She hated the food in Spain so I had some preconceived notions before I arrived. Having been here for over 2 months, I have adapted and am glad to say that I am enjoying some of the food. :-))

"TAPAS" a.k.a. Pinchos IMG_1305.jpg
Well, I really didn't have a good understanding of tapas before I came to Spain. To be honest, I didn't know much about Spain at all before I arrived here other than the fact that they speak Spanish. Pathetic I know! I have learned so much about this country and there are so many things that I'm going to miss when I leave, one of which is tapas. Tapas are essentially snacks or small dishes. There are many different varieties ranging from a small plate of olives to a small piece of toast with cheese and veggies or anchovies or walnuts on it, to scrambled eggs and ham to a variety of potato salads. There are too many to list! When you order any type of drink whether it be a coke, glass of wine, beer or coffee, you get one free tapa. Below are some of my favorites.
This one has 3 different tapas: chicken fajita roll, tostada with cheese and walnuts and hornizo (pastry filled with dates)

I have made a meal of these 2 tapas on a regular basis. Risotto and chicken with vegetables. Yummy and filling for 3 Euro!

This has potatoes, veggies and tuna. Yes, tuna! I like it a lot.

While I have made meals of tapas on many occasions, it is customary to share them with your amigos!

Spanish tortillas are not like the Hispanic tortillas you may be picturing (as I had when I first arrived). They are essentially egg souffles or quiche without the crust. They consist of eggs and potatoes and can have a variety of other things like vegetables, meat or "normal" which is simply egg and potato. I found another one called tortilla bolognesa. I have eaten this one at least once a week. It's delicious!
Veggie Tortilla (left) Tortilla Bolognesa (right)

I will say that I don't care for many of the tortillas. The Spaniards sure like their mayonnaise! Many tortillas are literally 'frosted' with mayo. It almost looks like a cake. The first time I ordered one I thought it was sour cream. I was wrong. Blach!

Any of you who know me well, know that I love me some candy! As usual, I had no problem finding sweets. I learned that Chupa Chups were invented in Spain. You can get them everywhere and I of course love them! Just the other day, I discovered spaghetti fresa (strawberry spaghetti). Can you say yum? When will I ever grow up? When it comes to candy, probably never :-)

And finally....EL SUPERMERCADO
When all else fails and I can't eat another tapa or tortilla, I head to my local grocery store and stock up on some tried and true ie.. cereal, apples, bananas, pasta, bread and soup. Gracias El árbol y Carrefour!

Posted by Kristinh 08:56

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Yum! I think all those Tapas look pretty tasty. I'm glad you finally came around to some of the local foods. You better bring back some of that candy for us Barlow's to sample!! :)

by tbarlow

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